Kaftans are versatile and comfortable, making them a popular choice for many. After not finding kaftans that embodied our personal style and wallet we decided to create our own line in 2018.

Effortless, fashionable and mega comfy, Brooklyn Botanica's timeless kaftans will have everyone buzzing.

  • Five (5) + Height

    "I have a total of FIVE (5) BK Botanica kaftans, and love each one. I think my favorites are the belted ones because it gives me some definition to my figure.

    The Material is always on point and somehow the length always fits my 5'3" frame!!!"


  • Dress Up or Down

    "I'm in absolute love with my new Brooklyn Botanica kaftans. They are truly one of a kind with the most beautiful fabrics and I can wear them dressed up or for a casual day running errands. Whenever I wear them I get lots of compliments and feel like a queen!"

    Michelle, CALIFORNIA

  • Luxurious Drape

    "I ordered my first (and definitely not last) Brooklyn Botanica belted kaftan this spring and it has been my favorite thing to wear ever since!

    Anytime I wear it, wether it’s to grab cocktails in New Orleans or to the beach in the Rockaways, I feel fabulous and confident and always receive compliments.

    The fabric is breezy, luxurious and drapes perfectly. I can’t wait to order more!"

    Sarah, BROOKLLYN

  • Obsession

    "Everyone was obsessed with my kaftan today."

    Lauren, CHICAGO

  • Treat Yo Self

    "I treated myself to a belted kaftan and am so happy I did!

    I was surprised by the one that chose me bc it was so different than I imagined, but it’s been a great investment and I always feel so free and beautiful when I rock this look!

    The belted kaftan is so flattering and comfortable, and I’ve never received so many outfit compliments!"


  • Stunning

    "I love your creations. Without a doubt make me feel stunning, powerful and put together. Every time I wear one, I get complimented- because they are amazing and because of the way I carry myself wearing them. You work magic!"

    Megan, NEW YORK CITY

  • Non-Stop Compliments

    "I love it so much. I wore it to my sister's rehearsal dinner this summer and got soooooo many compliments."

    Jessie, LOS ANGELES

  • Power + Comfort

    "The Belted kaftan always makes me feel fabulous and powerful. I never have to worry about fit, feeling self conscious or not being comfortable! You look great and feel even greater."

    Lizzie, OHIO

  • Magic Fabric

    "Worth every minute of wait. I don't know how you weave magic into fabric but you did it. Just the right piece, in the right place, and it sure arrived on the right day. :)

    Thank you again for being so fantastic and helping to make life beautiful."

    Shana, FLORIDA

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