About Us

Years ago, we fell in love with kaftans and their rich history across cultures and eras of fashion. After not being able to find kaftans that embodied our personal style, we decided to refashion the kaftan and create our own collection in 2018. 

Celebrating every body shape and type, we design our kaftans with inclusivity and body love in mind so you can free your bold and look glamorous doing it.


While our designs are dreamed up in Brooklyn, they come to life in Cali, Colombia. Every one of our kaftans is handmade in Cali. 

With every kaftan purchase we donate one meal to a senior citizen or child in need in Cali, Colombia. 

We also participate in toy, clothes and food drives throughout the year.



Cali is the third-largest city in Colombia and the inspiration behind our label. There, we work with a women-owned business to turn our designs from sketches and samples to ready-to-wear, limited-edition pieces. All of our fabrics are sourced from Cali unless otherwise noted.



Did you know that over 15 million tons of textile waste are generated in the US annually?* Made with the planet in mind, we use remnant deadstock materials. This just means that we’re using leftover, perfectly fine fabric from fashion houses around the globe.

Using deadstock fabric is a rising trend in the fashion world and Brooklyn Botanica is happy to be an early adapter and a part of the mission to help the environment and be conscious creators. 


*Source: Environmental Protection Agency